About World Church Unites

World Church Unites is a ministry dedicated to helping those in need around the globe. Your donations support the music ministry, live streaming through World Church TV, and our clean water mission.

The goal of our music team is to spread the light of Christ through song, and we are dedicated to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all people. Music is a universal language that can unite hearts and minds around the world. We will always stand as a united family of musicians and guard with dignity and integrity, while continually building upon our legacy of musical, visual, and performance excellence.

This year we are excited to kick off the World Church TV network to stream live worship to our brothers and sisters in Asia, India and beyond. We will provide a two-way connection so we will be able to worship together in “real time” through our Virtual Life Group app. Stay tuned and be sure to join us!

Our clean water mission is working with our partners PCT and Annihilare to develop and deliver Hypochlorous acid generators for communities and villages that need a way to purify drinking water while providing a completely safe sanitizer and disinfectant. Nearly half of the world’s population live in poverty conditions where even finding safe drinking water is a challenge. Twenty two thousand children die each day in these conditions.

We are excited to bring the love of Jesus, and hope to people who hunger around the world!